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VoIP PBX Phone Systems

VoIP PBX Phone systems as known as IP PBX are everything that you don't expect from a PBX. They are truly affordable, easy to set up, simple to configure, and a breeze to maintain.

They have features that let your business run more effectively and with fewer hassles. And it does all of this for a fraction of the cost of the PBX dinosaurs of the past.

VoIP PBX systems interoperates seamlessly with traditional standards-based telephony systems and VOIP systems, so you can call anyone in the world regardless of their phone, PBX, or phone company.

At its most basic, VoIP enables the use of the Internet as a transmission medium for telephone calls. Instead of going over phone lines, your call travels over Internet lines.

The significance to your business is that VOIP allows for a phone system to run at the cost of your Internet access. That means no more long distance bills and dealing with big phone companies.

Setting up a VoIP PBX couldn't be any easier when you use VOIP because no additional hardware is needed. You can set up your PBX to use VOIP in a matter of minutes, without calling out the expensive consultants.

VoIP PBX phone systems supports the most commonly used VOIP protocol, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). SIP is the technology choice for real-time communication session control throughout the Internet, corporate networks, and within next generation wireless networks.

Here are few of the many benefits of migrating to VoIP PBX

Operating Cost Reductions.

Call charges are drastically reduced for IP based traffic to and from remote offices. VoIP PBX will use a reliable VoIP connection if it is available or it will fall back to a PSTN connection.

A major operating cost of legacy telephony systems is the required intervention by IT managers or technicians when staff moves around the organization. In a VoIP PBX VoIP network each user is immediately recognized by handset or log on.

Minimum Investment Risk.

Minimum investment is required to get started since the VoIP PBX VoIP technology is embedded in your existing corporate data network. Your company can invest in a VoIP PBX and just a few SIP handsets to begin with. Subsequent telephony system expansion is as simple as plugging extra handsets into your existing LAN connections.

Installation Cost Reductions.

Our VoIP PBX models are among the cheapest on the market and hardware installation is so simple that there is no need to employ technicians or specialists. Just three cable connections are needed for many installations. Software configuration is done via your corporate intranet and this is also a simple procedure that does not require specialist staff. All of this equates to significantly reduced installation, upgrade and operating costs compared to legacy PSTN-based PBXs.

Improved Employee Productivity and Control of Telephony Traffic.

The wealth of enhanced telephony user features that arrive with VoIP PBX will increase employee productivity while the superb array of built-in call recording and archiving features will facilitate control of telephony traffic.

Flexibility and Upgradeability.

To upgrade legacy PBXs a technician would need to physically visit the site and make wiring changes or even replace the unit. VoIP PBX is software based and so upgrades can be performed remotely via the internet.

Some Unique Features of VoIP PBX:

-Multiple VoIP and PSTN backups for bullet-proof reliability.

-911 emergency dialing over a PSTN line.

-Extensive call recording and archiving.

-Automated recorded call backup to CD or DVD media.

-Highly scalable: 2 FXO, 4 FXO, Single or Quad T1/E1 units are available.

-Secure and easy to use Firewall/NAT bypass.

-Uses SIP phones/adaptors with automatic detection and configuration.

-Voice Mail.

-Auto Attendant.

Other Features of VoIP PBX:

-Voice/Data logging.

-Caller ID with call annotation to detect incoming and outgoing numbers.

-All incoming and outgoing calls are logged.

-Long distance routing through VoIP.

-VoIP-VoIP and VoIP-PSTN backup.

-VoIP PBX is not tied to a specific VoIP provider or existing network hardware.

-ACD Queues.

-Music On Hold.

-RADIUS Accounting.

-Configuration Backup/Restore on/from CD or DVD media.

Some Further Details:

-Call Cost Reduction with no Sacrifice of Reliability.

VoIP PBX lowers the cost of your long-distance calls by automatically routing each call through the cheapest available VoIP long-distance provider. This is achieved with maximum reliability through a fail-safe sequential selection of:

1) Your preferred VoIP connection.

2) Any number of backup VoIP connections.

3) If no VoIP connections are available then a backup PSTN connection is selected to guarantee that your call goes through.

Emergency 911 Dialing

Unlike most other VoIP PBXs VoIP PBX transparently supports emergency 911 dialing through a backup PSTN connection.

Automatic Recording of all Incoming and Outgoing Calls.

VoIP PBX is uniquely designed to provide non-intrusive recording of all phone calls in both directions. An option is available to record each party in a separate audio channel. If this option is enabled the remote party will be recorded in the left channel of an audio file while the local party will be recorded in the right channel of the same file.

VoIP PBX can be configured to comply with local laws and regulations that require you to notify either party that the call is being recorded. It can be configured to play a call recording notification automatically. Several standard call recording prompts are available. Here are two examples:

- 'This call may be monitored and recorded.'

- 'To ensure the highest level of customer service, this call may be monitored and recorded.'

There is also an option to record your own prompts.

Automatic Backup to CD or DVD.

VoIP PBX can easily be configured to make a periodic back-up of all conversations onto CD or DVD media. CD-R/RW and DVD±R/RW formats are supported. You can create a CD or DVD archive of all phone conversations within your organization and with the outside world using just a few mouse clicks. Each CD or DVD is given a unique label. This allows you to easily find the conversation you need. You can access your archived data using the VoIP PBX device or any PC.


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