Pay as you Go VoIP

Don't pay by the month. Pay as you Go. No Monthly Fees, No Contracts, No Hidden Fees.

Boloh Pay as you Go plan

Choose either VoIP Service or Phone Card, you will only pay for the calls you make with Boloh.

Pay as you Go plan has no connection or activation fees, no weekly or monthly fees, no term contract, no hidden charges.

7 out of 8 VoIP services will not save you the amount promised because of hidden fees!

The average person is not at home very often due to today's busy lifestyles, and when they are, they have to pay for a telephone service they are not using.

Pay-As-You-Go VoIP telephone service revolutionizes the way people subscribe to home telephone service enabling them to pay for when they actually use it. So you get a full featured phone service without a monthly bill.

No Hidden Fees

VoIP and Phone Card Fees How much?
Sign Up fee none
Maintenance fees none
Weekly fees none
Activation fees none
Service processing fees none
Taxes none
Rounding 1 minute billing, nothing tricky
Connection fees none
Monthly Fee none
Disconnection Fee none
Any other hidden Fee none
Phone Card access rate 2/minute


Calling Rates

no feesOur VoIP initial rates start from as little as 3/min to call phones anywhere in US, Europe and 28 countries. Phone Card rates are only 2p/minute higher than our VoIP rates, which is the cost of calling our access No..

You can also make calls with our VoIP rates from your computer downloading our free softphone or using a VoIP product and save even more.

Get started for as little as 10 prepaid credit (for calls to the 28 countries, that'll hold you over for up to 300 minutes!).

Sample VoIP Rates ( add 2p/min as Phone Card access rate)

Argentina flag Argentina 3p - 6.4p /min Italy flag Italy 3 p/min
Australia flag Australia 3p /min Japan flag Japan 3 p/min
Brazil flag Brazil 3p - 6.8p /min Mexico flag Mexico 3 p/min
Bulgaria flag Bulgaria 6.1p - 6.6 p /min Nepal flag Nepal 9.5 p/min
China flag China 3 p/min Pakistan flag Pakistan 9.2 p/min
Colombia flag Colombia, Bogota 6 p/min Philippines flag Philippines 15.2 p/min
France flag France 3 p/min Poland flag Poland 3 p/min
Germany flag Germany 3 p/min Romania flag Romania 6.2 p - 8 p /min
India flag India 9.8p - 11.6 p /min Russia flag Russia 3.3p - 5.6p /min
Iran flag Iran 6.5p - 10.5 p /min Taiwan flag Taiwan 3 p/min
Iraq flag Iraq, Baghdat 9.1 p/min Ukraine flag Ukraine 10.2 p - 11.8 p /min
Israel flag Israel 3 p/min Vietnam flag Vietnam 11.6 p/min

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